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Why Tribe, Why Eunoia, Why Me?

Why am I qualified to run Tribe? And how do I and my partners stand out so you can trust us to provide a good retreat at Eunoia?  

Why am I qualified to run Tribe?

In the spring of 2016 I had a midlife awakening after a quick trip to the desert to run a slot canyon and then listening to eight hours of Brene Brown’s, The Gifts of Imperfection. I was let go of my job that Monday and instead of scrambling to find something else, but more of the same, doing research, I was armed with the courage to change my path. Brene Brown was a gateway to making change. I have not only changed my career path but feel that I have evolved. This evolution is another blog, or series of blogs, so I won’t expand here. However, from this evolution I have been drawn to leaning in and supporting others, cultivating a Tribe. I have started Tribe to bring a new aspect to running and a new aspect to mindfulness. Both of these I am just beginning to explore and I hope that as time goes on I can evolve with you. I also have some practical reasons as to why Tribe retreats and Eunoia are gonna be good.

Event Planning:

Founder and two year race director of the Bobcat Triathlon.

Founder and event director of the Working Man’s Triathlon Training Camp.

Organizer of numerous one day triathlon clinics.

Race director for Team Muleterro’s MuleX and Leverich Canyon Crank Up.

Volunteer and co-director of numerous triathlons, running events, and swimming events.

In event planning and race directing I believe in providing participants with a “good bang for their buck.” For example, in triathlon, top 5 podium finishers should get at least enough cash or merchandise to cover the cost of their entry fee. Age groups should be recognized three deep and should be given a really nice prize. Also, all people who enter should get a really good SWAG bag consisting of fun and useful items such as good form fitting mens and womens T-shirts and water bottles.

For Tribe retreats the motto is unchanged and I have am very conscious of providing  nice comfortable accommodations with options for private sleeping arrangements. The house also has a hot tub and a game room for down time. We will provide healthy delicious meals and snacks, including adult beverages in the evenings. Eunoia will also have some really good SWAG. We can’t give that secret out yet, though, you will need to attend to find that out.

Highlighted Athletic Results:

2x- Bridger Ridge Run finisher

1x- Bangtail 38k finisher

2x 50k Ultra finisher, including Beaverhead

National Champion-Winter Triathlon

Winner of solo category 24 hours of Rapelje

3x Ironman finisher- fastest time 10:52

½ Ironman World Championship Qualifier- fastest time 4:53 AG 1st

Countless ½ Ironmans

Winner of the Run to Pub’s Dublin trip

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross 5th place- highest ranking

Grizzly Triathlon 4th place- highest ranking

It is hard for me to list my athletic highlights. I don’t want to be the person who sounds bigger than they are and I am first to acknowledge I am not the fastest or ever will be. I want this list to highlight the amount of time I have spent out in the mountains and exploring Montana.  For every event there are countless training hours to get there and I hope this shows I have the experience to find and lead some of the most amazing runs the area has to offer. Just thinking about being in the mountains I feel the ruggedness, the awe and beauty, and the sweet peaceful silence that Montana gives ranging from short trails that lead to powerful waterfalls, to miles and miles in the wilderness where it is more likely to run into a grizzly bear than people.

This is why my partners and I stand out for Eunoia.

Our goal with Eunoia is provide you with a safe, nurturing environment, lead you on trails with unimaginable splendor, and facilitate a connection with mind, body, and the earth in your daily living. Eunoia is not about self help it is about self evolution.

With the trail runs, I want to provide an opportunity for people to get closer to nature. I want to facilitate an environment for you to experience the natural beauty and power of this world that we all get so distanced from while going about our daily lives. With the long mileage day, we will experience digging deep physically and mentally. Being out in the mountains on those long days I have discovered something in myself, a deeper connection to my body and to the natural world than I would not normally experience. It is challenging to finish, it hurts, you sometimes wonder if you can finish, but once those long days are done there is a light, a happiness, a connection to the world, and a sense of accomplishment that I have never found in any other way. It is that overall experience that I will strive to lead retreat attendees to.

Lexi Frank Newhall ( will work with retreat attendees to integrate mindfulness, movement, and meditation to fully exploit the benefits of the long run and to bring the connectedness you find on the long run into your daily life. I met Lexi at a meditation/movement workshop that she facilitated. I found her to be safe, warm, engaging, and just plain good at her job. I left the workshop lighter than I had felt in a long time and writing this gives me tingles thinking about what is to come participating in Eunoia with her. Please visit her website for more information about her, her work, and what to expect.

Finally, I need to acknowledge my business partner Sherri Pearson. Sherri and I are co-collaborators of Illumionary and partners with Tribe and Moms in Motion. A fitness class designed empower Moms and give them a space and time to be an example to their kids through exercise. Without Sherri I would not be here. With her I have found a partner who thinks differently, but we equally share enthusiasm for our new found path. Together we have jumped and for some reason it isn’t so scary when you have someone by your side. Sherri is here at Tribe and Eunoia taking care of lots of details and providing insight and suggestions into all my crazy ideas. She is a registered dietician and will be the brains behind the food at Eunoia.


Eunoia is for all women regardless of background. Granted you must physically have the confidence to run/hike 15 miles on trail but please don’t be fearful.  We will have guides of varying speeds so there is no minimum pace. We will also make sure that you have the proper hydration and the nutrition to complete the 15 miles. Our goal with Eunoia is to facilitate a personal evolution, an engagement to nature, and a connectedness amongst each other not race each other around the mountains. We look forward to this fall and doing this together.



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