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My top triathlon podcast

I like to listen to podcasts. I listen a lot between runs and work. I haven't found a triathlon podcast that has been able to hold my interest or that I wait for new episodes, until recently. The 99% is a really informative podcast for new triathletes, seasoned veterans, and coaches. I like it because every week it is a discussion between three coaches with very different coaching styles. It gives the listener a lot of perspective and I think helps the athlete realize how best an athlete might excel at triathlon. The episodes are full of science, not full of fads, and are fun to listen because of the stories and banter between the coaches. I have to admit that Elliot Bassett is my coach and this podcast has helped me realize that I probably got really lucky finding him. I thrive on his coaching style and as I am getting older appreciate his knowledge and desire to keep me healthy as I work toward my goals. If you are getting ready to race the triathlon series this summer the info in these podcasts will give you an edge over the non listeners. :) Enjoy!!

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