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Mid-November Swim Workout

Here is a workout that I recently did and felt it was really, really good for this time of year. As the season draws to a close and athletes start planning next year it is time to get in the pool and get your technique dialed in. This workout is hard and very technique focused. The best of both worlds for Type A triathletes and for coaches.

This workout is for an intermediate swimmer. Scale about 20% up or down depending on ability. For example do a shorter warmup and give yourself a few less 50s if you are not a seasoned swimmer.

The purpose of the vertical kicking is to find alignment and carry that over to the swim. If your legs are tired or you move around a lot in the pool ask somebody if you look vertical. You may be leaning over. You can also try this with fins or use your hands to help stay up.

150 swim, 150 kick, 150 other stroke, 150 pull

4x50 fingertip drag drill- focus on high elbow

4x25 6 kick one arm- focus on rotation

Start in deep end at the flags

8x :15 sec vertical kick, swim a 50 at 80%. RI:15

2x100 swim on 2:00, easy

4x:20 sec vertical kick, swim a 50 @ 90% RI :10

2x100 swim on 2:00, easy

2x:30 sec vertical kick, swim a 50 FAST RI:05

Go back to the shallow end 


1-3 other stroke, 4-7 kick, 8-12 choice RI :15

3x100 pull descend RI: 15

2x150 kick RI :10

8x25 FAST do the interval on 1:10

200 choice CD

Have fun!

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