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How to "race" a triathlon series

Hi ya'll. I have been thinking about the best way to advise someone on how to "race" a triathlon series. I even solicited a write up from Elliot Bassett. He said it would take him 10 hours to write so we talked about it for about five minutes. My takeaway from that conversation was the objective and point of why I started this series. It is an opportunity for everybody to do exactly what is right for them. There might be some people who come out and use the swim to warm up for a chance to ride their fastest 20k. There are some people who will use the race as training because they are training for a half Ironman. Others may come out and use it as a family relay. While others may just want to spend the summer getting ready to race the whole thing the final week.

The point, there is no best way. There is only your way. Muddy Dog Sports and I are here to help you get outside this summer and swim, bike, run in any way that suits you. My goal is to see lots and lots of smiles every Tuesday evening.

See you soon.


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