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Julie Zickovich


I'm a scientist and triathlete turned full time Mom with a little side hustle in triathlon and run coaching. I am also a bit of an adventurer and nothing fills my cup as much as being outside and in the mountains. A few of my favorite things are long days outside or finding a new trail, even if that trail is a short little one in town. I have a Master's degree in Evolutionary Biology, am an experienced triathlete, and an RRCA certified run coach. Originally starting Tribe as retreats to use the mountains and exercise to find self worth, spirituality, joy, and delight I realized that what fills me is working with people long term and individually, not in large groups. Since, I have found that coaching triathletes and runners with the same goals and philosophy as Tribe Retreats has been very positive and fulfilling. My goal is for my athletes to find more than a training plan and an analysis of numbers. I seek to find the real person in them. Please read the gracious testimonial below better understand. 

As an adventure planner I like to use the same philosophy as above to find the perfect adventure for my clients. Having explored the area for many, many years I feel my knowledge and experience will help to develop and fulfilling adventure. 


I've been a member of the Tribe with Julie as my trail running, road running, and triathlon coach since 2018. I cannot say enough positive things about her and her coaching methods and style.

Her coaching is as unique as it is effective. She isn’t there to boss you around and fuss over data points and metrics. She’s your spirit guide. She is trustworthy and competent, trusting and confident. 

My coaching experiences in the past have been very rigid and metric-based. When race day came, “trust your training” was my mantra because I was just as unacquainted with my body and ability as I was when I started. And it didn’t always go well. Julie’s workouts would often end with the question “how did that feel?” or “how did it go?” 

This time, when the “big” race day came, I didn’t have to lean so hard on just my training. While I trusted Julie’s training implicitly, I came to realize that she’d been training me all along to trust myself as well.

Meanwhile, as she was guiding the shape of my mindset, her training turned my body into a performance machine. I asked her to train me aggressively, but aggressive training and race schedules breed injury risk. I’m thrilled to say that I am on my longest injury-free streak of my fitness journey! 

Julie’s guidance and programming are exceptional. They have helped me land two Age Group podium finishes (bronze and gold) in triathlon, one 5k road race overall female podium finish (silver), and I have qualified for USAT’s Age Group National Championships. The best part about these victories was that they were unexpected and organic. It’s just what happened when Julie’s influence came into play. She is an amazing coach, and it’s with privilege and gratitude that I also call her my friend.

Cait Fitchler, Mom, Runner, Triathlete

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